Cecilia Klem, co-founder of AkukhanYa

27-08-1943 --- 25-01-2019

Cecilia was co-founder of AkukhanYa. She is deeply missed, but her legacy lives on in AkukhanYa, her family, and every person whose life she touched. She was much loved and even more respected. (She was not called "Pollyanna" for nothing.) Every learner who has been given an educational opportunity through AkukhanYa has Cecilia to thank for this as much as any of the other staff at AkukhanYa.

Never to be forgotten, always to be loved and remembered for her joy and unfailing trust in God.

meet the executive team


Company team

Jacqueline Klem, Principal

Founder and chief visionary, Jacqueline is the driving force behind Company. She is passionate about training and finding creative solutions to training models that benefit both the learner and the client. 

 Jacqueline has been in education and training since she completed her honours degree in education in 1989. Jacqueline has experience in all the playing fields of education.
Company team

Tina Lephoto, CEO

Tina loves taking on challenges. She does not sit back and wait for opportunities to come to her but makes opportunities in which to grow professionally. 

With her background in various business environments, she grew into the CEO position at AkukhanYa and its divisions. Tina continues to learn and improving her skills. She is the backbone of AkukhanYa's daily operations of the AkukhanYa group. 

Company team

Conny Matsaung, Training coordinator

Conny is a mover and shaker. She is a hustler and always has a plan to improve her own life and that of the learners of AkukhanYa Group. She thinks nothing of rolling up her sleeves and jumping in to do any work that needs to be done. Conny is a very organised person and the learners' files and portfolios are always save in her hands. 

She is always mentoring and coaching the learners and has completed a business course through RAIZCORP.

new appointments in 2021

Company team


We are currently in negotiations to bring a new partner on board for the CFO position. Originally the position was filled by Cecilia Klem and after her passing, it has been outsourced.
Company team

training manager

We have filled this position with Stephen Washaya as our new training manager and partner. he has more than 16 years in the learnership training industry. He is a very valuable addition to our team.

meet the rest of the team


Company team

Lucy Totetsi, social media & admin

Lucy has a couple of hats, she is a receptionist, administration, & skills trainer. Lucy is also in charge of the AkukhanYa Group's social media - a job she does with excellence and passion. She is not only a brilliant receptionist, she is meticulous with registers, student admin, and workplace training. 

Lucy is a very creative person and teaches beading skills to the learners, as well as knitting, table setting, and more.  

Company team

mbongeni moya, IT Manager

Mbongeni has a long-term vision of becoming an IT developer. IT Manager. 

Mbongeni is another staff member who started as a learner, moved on as an intern, and now is being trained by Rushmore and working on all the company IT issues. He is really great at it, as it is his passion.  

Company team

lusapho George 

Georgie as he is known by all is one person this company cannot survive without. He is our gardener, handyman, car washer, carrier of tables and chairs, cleaner when needed, coffee maker, and invaluable in so many other ways.

Company team

bongani moya, media officer

Bongani is responsible for all photos, recordings of the learners' presentations for their portfolio of evidence. He is also in charge of the media and screening room, showing movies and other resources to the learners. 

Bongani is an intern in this position and has a strong presence and go-getter attitude. He will shortly become a full-time team member.


Company team

Azukile Mabini, media officer

Azukile has worn many hats at AkukhanYa. He is passionate about sharing issues such as ADHD and mental health with the community and learners. 

He assists Bongani with photos, recordings of the learners' presentations for their portfolio of evidence.   
Company team

Lebo mokgehle, stand in housekeeper 

Lebo looks after the staff and learners' welfare, she also is in the process of completing her NQF 3 Business Administration Services qualification with us.

She can speak almost all the SA languages, including Afrikaans and English. Amazing!
Company team

comfort matsaung, housekeeping

Comfort is currently on maternity leave. 

Comfort not only look after the staff and learners welfare, she also teaches them the application of catering in the workplace, and housekeeping - taking pride in your workspace.
Company team

Elaine wing, HRD, COACH, MENTOR

Elaine has recently joined our team as a consultant.

Elaine has years of experience in HRD, learnerships, training, working with the SETAs on WSPs, and more. She is a registered life coach and has practical experience & knowledge of the workplace and training.

"A company’s employees are its greatest asset and your people are your product" ~ Richard Branson

Contract team members

Long & Short Term contract Training team members

specialised skills

woodwork - Stanley & Decker 

Stanley & Decker has fitted an amazing woodwork training centre at our "Out of the Box Skills Training Centre" Hub. The learners acquire practical skills along with their business skills training.


The same as for the woodwork above.

computer training

Rushmore Marehwa - Computer Trainer + Karate | Self Defense Trainer. He is a brilliant trainer and always positive. He is assisting the learners to not only become adequate computer users, but truly masterful in technology.


Contract trainers when and where needed. We have a database of tried and proven quality trainers we can access at anytime we need additional trainers


We work with a group of brilliant skills trainers, from soft skills, to communication skills, to sewing, wire work, beading, crafts, upholstery, gardening, screen printing and more.

awareness campaigns

We work with specialists in their field when we run awareness campaigns, e.g. breast cancer month