We have build an extensive network of associates over the years

Over the past 16 years, AkukhanYa has worked with organisations in almost every industry. We have build up a wide network of associates we use or refer our clients to. 

Training Providers. We work with training providers from short skills programmes, to full qualifications, to learnerships, to trade training. We can refer you to almost any industry you are in need of. AkukhanYa has a niche market, we are not everything for everyone, but focus on our passion and skills. This is why we are not shy to refer you to a training provider we believe will be a better fit for your needs if we cannot assist.

Human resource capital. We want to make sure that our clients get the best deal and therefore we work with both and in-house consultant and a provider that specialise in the field and can answer any question you have.

Accreditation, assessors, moderator, trainers, education networks. There are brilliant educators in the field all over South Africa, and providers who do not mind traveling through Africa. We cannot source people for you (that is not our focus), but we can point you in the right direction to find your perfect fit.

We have build contacts with centres who can assist you with disabled learners, or bursary assistance or different learnerships to the ones we offer.

We can also refer to you to a brilliant training provider specialising in Essential Skills (Soft Skills) training, providers in coaching & mentoring, assessments, psychometric testing and much more.