to shine a light on what’s possible so that together we can transform our world



Pronounced a-koe-kan-ya

AkukhanYa started as an educational consultancy in 2005 and evolved over the years into a training company with a niche market in AET (Adult Education & Training) and developmental learnerships | qualifications | skills programmes | HRD & WSF support training company. Both as an offsite and onsite training solution. We work in close partnership with a number of other training providers, especially " Getting to Know English " in Pretoria and " Out of the Box " in Germiston and Albertskroon.  We recently formed a partnership with Performance Development Group in Germiston to expand our qualification options.

We are a Level 2 B-BBEE EME, with 52% black female, youth ownership. This makes us a Preferred Provider under area 4 of the B-BBEE Scorecard. ( No window dressing, true ownership, and management. )

Our WHY...

To shine a light on what's possible so that together we can transform our world. (Vision Statement)


Our HOW...

To provide educational initiatives that disrupt the status quo of traditional education & training through a mix of traditional and modern platforms, working outside of academic boxed learning and addressing education as a 6-sense journey of exploration.. (Mission Statement)

Our WHAT...

are all the various initiatives we offer, from adult learning to HRD support, to unemployed youth, to skills training, to enrichment programmes, to our new training platforms, to our KhuYa Campaign to support our partners & associates & small entrepreneurs.

All under the scrutiny of our WHY ?




UkukhanYa means LIGHT.

AkukhanYa has been derived from the Sotho word UkukhanYa. Our vision is to shine a light on possibilities, is to bring light into people's lives through educational initiatives that are life-changing light bulb moments. There is so much "darkness" in our world, but darkness cannot drive out the light and when the bulb has been switched on, the light exposes the opportunities & possibilities available to us.


We believe that education changes EVERYTHING.

We believe that education of excellence can never happen in a void, or isolation, or in unjointed, disconnected, unrelated boxes of learning.

We believe that education is an INFINITE MINDSET .

We believe that education should be the source of continuous light bulb experiences in everyones' lives.

We believe that good, solid, creative, inspiring, innovative, caring education leads to or restores dignity , respect (to self, others, the world), and hope in the future.

We believe that a light shone on what's possible can transform a person, an organisation and our world.
Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

The infinite MINDSET - a long term - never-ending MINDSET
We are NOT interested in a "quick fix education" at AkukhanYa.

We have been in education for more than 30 years (combining our experience within and without AkukhanYa ) and have learned there is no shortcut in education. There is no quick fix. There is no academics only solution.

We are committed to long-term solutions. A step-by-step, guided approach, where our learners are exposed to all the areas of their personal development & growth.

You cannot fix 12 years of inferior schooling within a couple of days or weeks or months, not even a year.
Change, real change, takes a LOT of time and effort and commitment.

That is why AkukhanYa is not trying to be the one-fit-for-all solution to everyone's needs.
AkukhanYa does not claim to be the biggest or the best training solution in Africa.
We do claim to be absolutely committed to the journey of learning AND our learners.
We do claim that we have a vision of the infinite game in education - that learning is a lifelong journey, and what our learners primarily need is the skills to take ownership of their own learning & life journey.

That is why we prefer to have offsite learnerships at our own training centre, where we can combine academics with practical workplace experience. Where we have the time to provide language, mathematical, life, and study skills first as a foundation before we jump into academics. Where we can address values, norms + personal & business ethics on a daily basis while exposing the learners to knowledge & skills. Where learners can discover their personality type, computers, and be exposed to technology daily. Where they have to give back to their community, with a community initiative, and learn not to only expect but to contribute to society. Where they are consistently held accountable for their actions and behaviour. Where they learn additional practical skills, and the entrepreneurial skills needed to create their own future - be it as an employee or owner of a small business endeavour.

Where we expose them to a broader world view with our enrichment programme weaved into the daily academic training.

AkukhanYa is the kind of training provider you can partner with if you also have a vision for true change and a better future for the youth of South Africa. A bonus is that we also do ALL the work for you and present you with the results. Our clients are as important to us as our learners.

We bring the same commitment to our AET & FLC training programmes.

We also introduce the learners gradually to the world of online and app training with our specially designed &  developed online & app learning platforms. AkukhanYa is innovative and we expect our learners to be innovative and committed as well.

Education is an INfinite game and we plan on playing the long game, not the quick fix.

Here are some excellent resources on the Infinite vs Finite Game (Mindset).

Simon Sinek. The Lifestyle of an Infinite Mindset  |  Infinite Players  |  The Infinite Game: How to lead in the 21st century (YouTube)
His Books: The Infinite Game  |  Start with WHY: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action  |  Find Your WHY: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team  |  Leaders Eat Last: Why some teams pull together and others don't

James P. Carse:Finite and Infinite Games (Book)  |  Finite and Infinite Games Explained (YouTube)

Seth Godin: He has "preached" this message for years and also included the above book in the prescribed reading list for the AltMBA. His website.







The HRD information series has developed out of the needs expressed by HRD | WSF | B-BBEE client managers for more clarification and information on these topics. Practical, not academic answers to their questions.

This is not an accredited training programme, more of a coaching and support information series. Videos & documents managers can refer back to when they are uncertain about something they have to deal with in the workplace.

The AET & FLC training programmes are our flagship programmes. The enrichment programme we now implement as part of all our training developed within the AET training journey.

AET is NOT only English & Maths, but a range of foundational programmes that prepare learners for both the workplace and further learning.

FLC is a part qualification in English & Mathematics. It is compulsory for all TVET learning.

We offer both onsite & offsite training solutions with our qualification and learnership programmes. We work in partnership with two other private training providers, so we can bring more to the table.

The Fu-Za @A training includes:
Business Administration Services (NQF 2-3-4)
Generic Management (NQF 4-5)
New Venture Creation (NQF 4)
Animal Production (NQF 5)
Plant Production (NQF 4)
Poultry Production (NQF 3)
And a few more waiting final SETA approval..

The skills training programmes include both Life Skills, Personal Development Skills & Practical Skills Programmes. It address the learners life knowledge, self-knowledge and a skill with which to start a small business.

Our Skills Training Programmes vary between online and onsite.
They include:
Personal Development (Online)
Essential Skills (Online)
Practical Skills, e.g. woodwork printing, sewing etc. (Onsite)
There is a saying that beauty makes the world a better place. Our enrichment programme exposes the learners to countries, cultures, art, music, architecture, conservation, etc. To the beauty around us.

We take our learners on a journey to space, around the world, continents and countries. We let them listen to music, watch movies, virtually visit museums and places and art and cultures. We provide them with a virtual passport and make them travel outside of their comfort zone through the Ali's Travels enrichment programme.
Learn more about our latest training initiative right HERE.
Learn more about the iVictorY! @A training programmes HERE.
Learn more about the Fu-Za @A training programmes HERE.
Learn more about the Fu-Za @A training programmes HERE.
Learn more about the Al's Travels @A enrichment HERE.


Our how

We offer three TRAINING options...


Onsite training is where we train on your site in coordination with your HRD Manager. Although AkukhanYa's Training Hub is situated in Germiston, Gauteng, we work with national partners to offer training anywhere in Southern Africa.


Offsite training is where we take responsibility for every facet of the sourcing of the candidates, placement, management, training implementation & workplace experience at our training hub in Germiston.


We have developed our own online platform and training app, so the learners can train from anywhere in South Africa, or the rest of the world for that matter. As long as there is internet, the training can happen.

Our where

WHERE do we train what?



  • On client company premises anywhere in Gauteng
  • YES: AET (ABET) - AkukhanYa

    YES: FLC - AkukhanYa

    YES: Learnerships | Qualifications - AkukhanYa & Partners

    YES: HRD | WSF Support,
    Coaching & Mentoring - AkukhanYa

    YES: Essential Skills Training - Partners

    NO: Practical Skills Programmes - Out of the Box
    (Online programmes coming)



  • At the AkukhanYa Training Hub in Germiston, Gauteng
  • YES: AET (ABET) - AkukhanYa

    YES: FLC - AkukhanYa

    YES: Learnerships | Qualifications - AkukhanYa & Partners

    NO: HRD | WSF Support,
    Coaching & Mentoring - AkukhanYa

    YES: Essential Skills Training - Partners

    YES: Practical Skills Programmes - Out of the Box
    (Online programmes coming)



  • Anywhere in South Africa onsite and offsite venue
  • YES: AET (ABET) - AkukhanYa

    YES: FLC - AkukhanYa

    YES: Learnerships | Qualifications - AkukhanYa & Partners

    YES: HRD | WSF Support,
    Coaching & Mentoring - AkukhanYa

    YES: Essential Skills Training - Partners

    NO: Practical Skills Programmes - Out of the Box
    (Online programmes coming)



  • Anywhere in South Africa onsite and offsite venue
  • YES: AET (ABET) - Partners

    YES: FLC - Partners

    YES: Learnerships | Qualifications - Partners

    NO: HRD | WSF Support,
    Coaching & Mentoring - AkukhanYa

    YES: Essential Skills Training - Partners

    NO: Practical Skills Programmes - Out of the Box
    (Online programmes coming)


Our who


AkukhanYa has a dynamic team that gives there all. They are young and committed to making their mark on the world and change the lives of the learners we interact with.

We are 52% black-owned and 80% black staffed.


AkukhanYa has partnered with various organisations to bring the best to our learners and client partners.

This means AkukhanYa can offer a full service, but still focus our energy on that which we love to do most - innovation & training.


There are some things that only ad-hoc or when needed and we have formed an extensive network of associates for those occasions. This includes freelance trainers, assessors, moderators, other training providers, welfare organisations and experts in their fields.

Our credibility



Independent Examination Board

AkukhanYa has been registered with the IEB for AET & FLC since 2010.

We are registered as both a training provider and assessment centre with the IEB.

AkukhanYa is a registered PTY with CIPC.

All our divisions are registered PTYs as well.

More Details


SETA Accredited

The AkukhanYa qualifications are all SETA accredited. We are currently awaiting approval for more SETA accredited programmes, as well as QCTO Skills Programmes.

Our partners in education are also all accredited for the programmes they offer.

AkukhanYa is registered with the IEB for all AET & FLC training.

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AkukhanYa's B-BBEE Status

AkukhanYa is a Level 2 B-BBEE PTY

We are 52 % Black, FEMALE, YOUTH Owned

We are an Emerging Micro Enterprise & Preferred Provider under the B-BBEE Scorecard.

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The AkukhanYa blog has been a bit of a hit and miss over the years. Mostly because we have been evolving and changing within the organisation and therefore kept on restarting with our changed status.

We have settled into a very workable and scaleable organism and are recommitting to our blog and sharing our story and information with you.

We will also share it on all our Social Media platforms. So you can follow us on any platform you choose to.



A collection of photos from all our various training programmes and initiatives over the years. They do say a picture speaks a 1000 words. We hope you will enjoy our photo gallery.

We update it regularly, as we are very proud of our learners and training programmes.


Always First.

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