Skills development - 20% weighting with 5% bonus for certain criteria

Skills development refers to the extent to which a company invests in and works towards improving the skills and competencies of its black workforce. 

AkukhanYa has various training options available - to grow and empower your middle management, or groom staff to become managers. We also offer AET training for your workforce, as well as onsite & offsite training solutions for learnerships.

As a B-BBEE Level 2 EME, 52% black-female-youth owned, we are considered a Preferred Provider and you score up to 4% additional points under Pillar 4 of your scorecard.

AkukhanYa has no window dressing and we are not a quick fix training provider, but we are a dedicated and fully supportive training provider. We train under various divisions, with each division focussing on becoming better today than yesterday - the INfinite mindset. Constantly improving on ourself

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