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NEW Enterprise & SUPPLIER development – 40% weighting with 4% bonus for certain criteria

This aspect of the new B-BBEE scorecard record the extent to which small, black-owned companies are supported and developed

We recommend that you download the excellent overview by Werksmans, as they give a very clear breakdown.

AkukhanYa is a Level 2 B-BBEE EME. The B-BBEE scorecard is complicated, but we do know that we are a preferred provider and any investment in AkukhanYa would provide points under pillar 4 of your scorecard.

The KhuYa Campaign is one-way companies can support us, another way is through training and lastly by investing in our growth. We have a wishlist and any investment in AkukhanYa would help us realise the wishlist and long-term growth. (Have a look at our wishlist here and AkukhanYa B-BBEE status explained here.)