Shine a light on...
what is possible - together

The KhuYa Campaign is one way we shine a light on what is possible. What is possible to achieve if we stand together and help each other.

  • Standing together as an organisation.

  • Standing together as a family.

  • Standing together as businesses.

  • Standing together cross-sector.

The KhuYa Campaign is a cross-sector of individuals, businesses, welfare organisations, not-for-profit organisations, training providers, and proudly South African products.

The KhuYa Campaign is about standing together and changing our world.

We all stand together

To shine the light on what is possible so that TOGETHER we can change our world.


The Frog Chorus & Paul McCartney - We All Stand Together

Shine a light on...
Akukhanya, Spotlight
15 April, 2021
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