Recycle - Refurbish - Repurpose
What to do with the stuff you don't need anymore

We love to receive "stuff" and use it at our training centre. People donate every kind of thing to us and we find a use for it. Either we sell it in our charity shop, or we recycle it appropriately - which is a great training opportunity for our learners on how to recycle - or we refurbish (renovate) it, or we repurpose it.

We teach our learners how to fix things or repaint them, or make something new out of something old or broken. How something old can become something beautiful again and that we do not always have to throw away and replace with shiny new things. We teach them how to create a small business for themselves by collecting the broken and making it work again.

Those old computers and screens donated to us are used to teach learners how to fix things. That broken chair can become a brand new piece of office art.

Of all the options, the repurposing of things we have been donated is our favorite part. We teach the learners how to look at everything with new eyes.

Those buttons - they are not buttons, they are doll's eyes, or decorations on a handmade card, or part of a picture. They can become jewelry or decorations on a girl's dress. They are more than buttons.

Those pallets - they become soooo many things by the time our woodwork training centre has had their hands on it.

Those china cups - they make lovely succulent plant holders or bird feeders.

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Photo by Kym MacKinnon on Unsplash

Nothing is unwanted, because everything can be...

* Recycled

* Refurbished

* Repurposed

And every process is a training and learning opportunity at our centre.

Instead of throwing away - pass it on to our centre. We can make good use of it. Anything & everything!

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Recycle - Refurbish - Repurpose
Akukhanya, Spotlight
5 May, 2021
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