a KhuYa prize is not just a prize
Every prize of the KhuYa Campaign has been carefully chosen to make a difference

A prize is not just a prize.

A prize brings joy to the winner, but it also makes a difference to the person making the prize.

One of our prize boxes is filled with goodies from House Benjamin. An organisation that changes the lives of people caught in a web they cannot get out of without the support and professional help of qualified people like the team at House Benjamin.

Your buying of a ticket means someone has the chance to get out of an addiction.

You are a star & You rock.

Your choice to support the KhuYa Campaign has made a difference to a life of one or more people. You are a star and rock.

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Products made by House Benjamin.


Here at House Benjamin we look at every residents’ specific work and job experience and place them in the best field of work according to their field of expertise or lack thereof, and that will allow them to grow and learn in any field of work within our parameters. If the resident has not yet acquired any working experience then there are many opportunities to learn many different skill sets.

Construction –  There are many construction projects always on the go, from building the Lapa area, to the log cabin as well as the construction of our barracks area. Also building the kennels for all our dogs and construction of our own chicken coop plus many more projects will arise in the future as we are always expanding.

Maintenance – Our maintenance team is in charge of all the small fixes that are needed around the whole farm, such as electrical work, plumbing, woodwork, pipe installations etc. 

Gardening & Herbs – We have a large garden area as well as small herb gardens in areas all around the farm which need daily attention. We have planted many vegetables and herbs such as chilli, basil, lavender, thyme, fennel, parsley, coriander/dhania, lettuce, cabbage & spinach.

Marketing (Jelapeno Project) – As we grow our own chillis, we also produce and bottle our very own jalapeno sauce in which we use to sell to the public and also use to gain donations for our residents and the centre. People with marketing and sales experience are well suited for this project as it an everyday task to go out to different areas and market our sauce as well as our centre.

Kitchen Team – Our kitchen team is also a very important aspect of the centre as it runs 7 days a week to feed the residents with 3 courses every day. We have an extensive menu that we cycle through on a daily basis to give the residents a different meal every day. 

Wood Team – Another team that works 7 days a week where they go out into the bush and gather wood and logs to cut, once brought back to the centre then we cut and split the wood accordingly and divide and disperse the wood to the different areas which will provide the fire for cooking, showering and in general, hot water.

Animal Therapy – We find that working with animals helps our residents with their struggles and overcoming their addictions. We have 2 stations in which the residents can choose to work within, these are the dog team as well as the chicken team.

Dog Team – Our dog team supervises our kennels (True Blood Kennels) 7 days a week where we have to clean out the kennels, feed all the dogs as well as taking them for a long walk every morning on our dog track. The dog team looks after the well being of the dogs from dusk till dawn, come rain or shine.

Chicken Team – Our chicken team is responsible for taking care of the chickens and the coop in which they live. The chickens get fed twice daily and collection of eggs happens once a day.

a KhuYa prize is not just a prize
Akukhanya, Spotlight
20 April, 2021
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