I am starving. An easy expression till...

We use the expression; "I am starving" very easily in our family when we are really hungry. We actually don't even have to be really hungry, just hungry. Normal evening dinner time hungry.

I never thought much about it. It is just a way of expressing how hungry we are. Everyone in the family knows what we mean. Everyone knows we are not really STARVING. Even though the kids could be dramatic and say it with so much passion... "I am STAAARRRVIIING".

Then Covid hit us and the lockdowns followed and we started dealing with unemployed youth and children and elderly and previously middle-income friends and family and colleagues and... People who are really and truly starving. Suddenly, the expression was not so innocent anymore.

When a young person nods off in the middle of a training session because they have not eaten in days, or a child sits in class and has a glazed expression in his or her eyes because all they can think about is how hungry they are. When only the kindness of friends and family ensures at least one meal a day on the table.

When you see someone literally drooling while looking at someone else's very plain sandwich and almost physically FEEL the hunger coming from them.

Only then do you understand the true meaning of the word STARVING.

As I am sitting here writing about the needs we have been confronted with in our part of the world, I have not had anything to eat all day and the hamburger picture above sure looks mouth-watering tempting, and I am not even starving, just hungry.

All of these experiences motivate us, even more, to raise the money to provide food parcels and nutritional meals to those we CAN help. We know it is not humanly possible to help the whole world and definitely not all those in need, but it is possible to help our slice of the world. Doing nothing is not an option.

The KhuYa Campaign is one way we are reaching out to those we come across and who are truly in need - not due to their own laziness or ignorance or bad judgment, but because life happened to them. A life they had no control over.

It is one way to shine a light on what is possible so that together we can transform our world.

How can you take hands with us so that together we can make a difference?

-Photo by amirali mirhashemian on Unsplash

Akukhanya, Spotlight
4 May, 2021
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