The KhuYa Campaign - changing lives
Sharing is Caring

We launched the KhuYa Campaign on the 1st of April 2021.

And NO... it was no April's Fool joke. Although it was fun, it is no joke.

The KhuYa Campaign is a crowdsourcing initiative to support a whole group of organisations and small entrepreneurs to survive the aftermath of the lockdowns and Covid. But, it is more than a crowdsourcing initiative - it is a give-back initiative as well. A campaign with over 200 prizes up for grabs every month - nice prizes, made by entrepreneurs or local organisations.

There is far too much to tell about this campaign - so we refer you back to the webpage with all the info. Here are the links:

Sharing is caring and this is a crowdsourcing campaign, so the more people and organisations we reach, the bigger the involvement. Please share this with your friends, family, clients, colleagues, organisations, networks, social media. Everyone involved in this campaign says thank you for your support.

The KhuYa Campaign - changing lives
Akukhanya, Spotlight
6 April, 2021
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