Who are looking out for small entrepreneurs?
The KhuYa Campaign is one way to do this.

Since we started putting the KhuYa Campaign together, we have been amazed at the number of small entrepreneurs in the country. People who have taken control of their own destiny due to a variety of reasons. Losing a job due to health, losing a job due to the effect of lockdown on the tourism and restaurant industry, losing a job due to retrenchments or never being able to find a job due to lack of experience or the right qualifications.

We met a couple who makes and sells bird feeders at markets after losing their job in the Middle East. We met a woman who was brutally assaulted by her boyfriend and after months of recovery and losing her job in the process started a beautiful olive oil range. We met the team at a drug rehabilitation centre who grow their own products and make the most delicious sauces etc, from chilies to generate income for the centre.

We met a young man painting the most vivid local scenes and then sells them on street corners, and a team making beautiful protea beaded wire flowers or the young man who makes the most amazing bags and repair sewing machines and do upholstery - all self-taught. then there is the lady who makes the tastiest mango achar and sells it door to door.

The list goes on and on. Every single one of these amazing entrepreneurs has dreams of becoming bigger and stronger en employing other people from the community. They range from young to old, male to female, white to black, highly educated to barely finishing school. The one thing they all have in common is a survival spirit and dreams and hope for a better future.

The KhuYa Campaign is our way of helping the entrepreneurs we have met and every day, we add more to the list.

How are we supporting them?

  1. The KhuYa Campaign is a way to market them - to let the world know about them.

  2. The majority of the prizes we buy directly from these entrepreneurs and that is a form of constant income to them.

  3. A number of them we support with advice and business skills.

The KhuYa Campaign is hope for our entrepreneurs and it fits in with the AkukhanYa WHY - To shine a light on what's possible so that together we can change our world.

Who are looking out for small entrepreneurs?
Akukhanya, Spotlight
16 April, 2021
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