Breaking the cocoon to fly
If the butterfly does not break the cocoon itself, it cannot fly

Tina, Conny, and I sat chatting today about the past year, about the struggles we have had in the business with the Covid pandemic and its impact on us, as well as what we have learned from it. It was a reminiscing kind of chat over a piece of chocolate cake and a glass of cooldrink (we had a computer class graduation and some goodies left over that needed to be appreciated).

And as strange as this may sound, we realised that despite the challenges and the struggles, the worries and concerns, the disappointments and hardships to stay afloat and survive, it has been a good year. Like the butterfly that needs to break out of its cocoon on its own, so that its wings can grow strong or it will not be able to fly, we also needed to go through this difficult time to grow our own strong wings.

The struggle is not fun. The hardship was not something we wished for. However, it was in the struggles and the hardships that we questioned everything we do, we looked at what we do and how we do it, we reevaluated our "WHY" we are in this business. More importantly, we asked ourselves if the "HOW" and "WHAT" of AkukhanYa is still in line with our why and our value system.

It was due to this time of extreme challenge that we reaffirmed what we stand for, what we strive to achieve, that our WHY is: "to shine a light on what is possible so that together we can transform our world."

It is in this time of hardship that we formed a partnership and became co-owners in AkukhanYa. That we adapted our training model, so that it reflects how technology now impacts the new normal in what we do. That we made great new partnerships with other organisations that provide symbioses in our shared visions. That we refined what we do in our training programmes and cut the unnecessary fat that has accumulated over the years. That we launched the KhuYa Campaign. That we joined hands within and without so that we can be stronger, better, leaner and more relevant.

We have struggled out of the cocoon and AkukhanYa @A Group has become a butterfly. It was a great chat and we decided that we needed to formally come together at least once a week to celebrate how far we have come, what we have achieved and what we dream about achieving going forward.

The three of us make a great team. We are like yin and yang, where one has a weakness the others step in to fill the gap while celebrating each other's strengths at the same time.

We even gave ourselves new titles within the company.

Jacqueline is Chief WHY of AkukhanYa.

Tina is Chief HOW of AkukhanYa.

Conny is Chief WHAT of AkukhanYa.

We are excited about the future and how we can transform our part of the world.

Breaking the cocoon to fly
Jacqueline Klem
28 April, 2021
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