negative or informative?
when your heartbreaks and someone tells you not to be such a Debby downer

The business we are in deals with the hardships of our current world. We deal with the reality of a world turned on its head. We deal with the unemployed and jobless youth and school children and a horribly dysfunctional education system. We deal with people living in the areas where the poorest of the poor live on a daily basis. We deal with small entrepreneurs that fight every day to survive and have not had any income for months. We deal with not-for-profits that cannot raise enough funds to support their current work or the additional influx they are experiencing with the aftermath of lockdown and covid. We deal with red tape and government incompetence every day. We deal with private training providers closing their doors after months of struggle to stay afloat, and we deal with unethical training providers who are in this industry for the quick buck and the money they can make, rather than truly educating to change lives and the world of the learners. (We do deal with really amazing training providers who truly care about the change they bring with their training initiatives as well, but at this point, it is mostly the quick fix, quick buck kind of providers who have the most success in milking the current economic environment - sadly. Very sadly)

The hardest part of this world we are in is not the hunger, or job loss, or despair, or anger, or frustration, or illnesses, or sadness, or...

The hard part is sharing the reality of the world we are experiencing, with the hope that it will touch a person or company's heart, and the reaction we get back the most is an aggresive: "Don't be so negative."

It is not negative to share the need for supporting small entrepreneurs if you have a very workable solution. (The KhuYa Campaign for one.)

It is not negative to share the hunger and hopelessness experienced by so many when you have a very workable solution. (The KhuYa Campaign again.)

It is not negative to share the despair of hope lost if you have a very workable solution. (The KhuYa Campaign & Fu-Za @A skills programmes for another.)

It is not negative if you see the lack of proper education and a horrible education system that only feeds the numbers and the bottom line and not the mind, soul, and heart of the ones being educated if you have a very workable solution.  (The KhuYa Campaign & Fu-Za @A skills programmes again.)

That is called - INFORMATIVE information - stating a problem or challenge and providing at least one possible solution.

The hardest part is the walls of indifference and the pessimistic attitude of there is no hope and everything is just a waste of time.

If I hear the words: "There is no solution for this government or THESE people" one more time, I might resort to smacking someone in the face. (Okay, that is a frustrated rant statement, but comes from deep frustration and a sense of irritation with the ones who ARE negative and have no solution, just condemnation and weak hands hanging next to their sides.) 

We don't have to wait for the government to provide the solutions and there are NO "these or those" people, there are only US people.

Let us be informative and find the solutions and make the difference. One life and one part of our world at a time.

As the AkukhanYa "WHY" statement goes... We can shine the light on what is possible so that TOGETHER we can transform our world.

We believe - maybe you need to start believing too. Photo by Katrina Wright on Unsplash

Blog Photo by Giulia May on Unsplash

negative or informative?
Jacqueline Klem
6 May, 2021
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