Transforming our world
is it possible to transform our world

Transforming is not an easy journey. It is not a quick journey. Most of the time it is not even a fun journey. It can be a lonely journey - unless...

Unless someone who cares comes along. Someone who takes your hand and walks alongside you during the process. Not doing it for you. Not doing it with you, but alongside you.

Why alongside?

We cannot make the process for the butterfly's transformation easier. If we open the pupa for the butterfly and it does not go through the struggle to break out, its wings are too weak to carry it. It will not be able to fly and it will become bait for a predator and die.

In education, we have made it too easy for the majority of learners in the country. Too easy to pass. Too easy in completing a learnership. Too easy to give up. Too easy to learn the principles of competition and becoming the best ME possible. Too easy to become a "butterfly" and the results are disastrous.

Our youth cannot find work, our youth battle with academics at the tertiary level. Our youth looks for the easy way out, the quick fixes, the best job before they can even do the job. Out youth wants the learnership for the monthly stipend and not for the opportunity to become something better and more.

I am not disowning that there are exceptions to the rules. I am claiming that the learners' environment has a great impact on success or failure. I am saying that our education system is broken from start to finish - especially for our youth learning in classes of 50+; 80+; 100+ in a class.

South Africa has an alcohol, drug, gang, violence problem. This stems from somewhere and that somewhere is not a good place. Our youth does not leave school with dignity, respect, or much hope in their pockets. (Again this is a generalisation and based on the majority of youth in South Africa, not the lucky ones at great schools.)

Our learners need someone or someones to come alongside them. To take hands and help in the transformation process and together change our world.

We absolutely and firmly believe it is possible to change the education system. We unwavering believe that there is hope, dignity & respect in the future of every learner. We are optimistic about the transformation of our world and that together it is possible.

Are you?

Do you want to get together with us and walk alongside the learners in their transformation?

*Here is an excellent article on the "Butterfly Principle": The Butterfly Principle: Transformation and Growth Through Failure

Transforming our world
Akukhanya, Spotlight
13 April, 2021
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