When the soul dries up
Creativity and hope and ambition also dries up.

When does the soul dry up?

It is not something that happens overnight - not for the majority of people. It is something that happens over a period of time. It is like water drops falling on a rock. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip... Until one day each drop's small impact adds up and the rock splits open.

That is how our soul dries up. The drips of pain or despair or worry or lack or fear that adds up over time. One day our soul just cannot handle the drips anymore. One day it is just too much to bear when the same worry is there again. Poverty. Physical pain. Emotional pain. Abuse of any kind. Hopelessness that this too shall not pass. Rejection. Fear of environment. Fear of not being able to provide. And the soul turns into itself and just dries up.

When the soul has dried up, every day is just another day. Every day is one foot in front of the other. Every day is just about survival - be it physical or emotional or spiritual or financial or intellectual or social. Until all of the areas in our lives mesh into one and we don't know where one starts and the other ends. Life turns from colour to black and white. Bleak, lonely, and painful.

That is when we need a hand. When the soul has dried up we reach a place where all the self-help books and motivational speeches and good advice do not reach the soul anymore. Higher-order thinking, dreaming, planning for a better future, ambition, tomorrow becomes too hard to think about anymore and we fold those into our soul as well. Like a bird that folds into its own wings and pulls its head into its chest and just sits and waits out another storm.

who takes hold of your right hand
and says to you, Do not fear;
    I will help you. Isaiah 41: 13

That is when we need a helping hand. Someone who takes hold of our right hand and looks us in the eye and says: "I am here for you. I will be your strength until the colour comes back into your life. You are not alone." 

That is AkukhanYa's purpose. To take the hand of someone, or someones, whose souls have dried up and say to them: "We are here for you. We will partner with you and help you find the rainbow again. We will walk with you on the journey of finding hope and dignity and self-respect. You are not alone on this journey. You have a future."

We do it through our training. We do it through the KhuYa Campaign. We do it through our enrichment initiatives.

We don't do it alone. We do it in partnership with so many other wonderful people and organisations. Mostly we do it WITH the learners on their own journey of rediscovering hope, dignity & respect.

It is not a quick journey. Like the journey to despair, it takes time to reverse the course of our soul. AkukhanYa does not believe in the quick fix, the magic answer. We believe in walking the journey with every learner, every partner, every client, every training programme as long as they need us, until they can let go and walk into the sunshine and the light with confidence and on their own.

When the soul dries up
Akukhanya, Spotlight
26 April, 2021
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