Why a sweepstake?
for survival...

Corona hit us all hard. Nobody in the country - or the world for that matter - was not touched by 2020. AkukhanYa, Out of the Box, a lot of small entrepreneurs, unemployed youth, communities were also taking the blunt end of this year. We are not ready to throw in any towel soon.

This sweepstake is a win-win for all of us. AkukhanYa, Out of the Box, our group of entrepreneurs, our unemployed youth, our communities, and whoever buys a ticket. There are amazing prizes to be won, there is a tax rebate for everyone, there is that amazing feeling of having done something good for a LOT of people.

Companies can score major points under elements 4 AND 5 of their B-BBEE scorecard and then there is the online video series of HRD, WSP, Learnership, Training, Equity, and B-BBEE information for companies who bought 20 tickets to access.

We are not asking for handouts, we are asking for partners in education to take hands with us. And we promise you a sweet Valentine in 2021.

Share this with everyone you know. The more people who join us in this competition, the more prizes there are.


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Who will benefit from this sweepstake?

Everyone on the left.


Why a sweepstake?
Akukhanya, Spotlight
30 November, 2020
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