practical answers 
We deal with so many HRd-WSF-B-BBEE implementors and managers on a daily basis. A number of them are new in their positions, some thrown into the deep end. A number of companies implement AET & Learnerships for the first time. We are constantly asked for assistance in understanding the whole environment.

We have build up a series of emails answering the most common question over the years. We realised that there must be a huge number of other managers who have the same questions and need to scratch around to find the relevant answers. (Google is a friend, but can also be a time-consuming and confusing foe.) AkukhanYa partnered with a WSF who worked in a large national & international company dealing with the practicalities of implementing an annual workplace skills plan, as well as a human resource development company. We have developed the first phase of an information video series that can be accessed online.

We answer questions on:
* The education environment
* Accreditation issues
* Learnerships
* Internships
* Bursaries
* Equity Plans
* Annual WSP
* Forms
* Submissions & deadlines
* GAP analysis in the workplace
* Coaching & Mentoring
* Offsite vs Onsite
* Online learning
* Motivation of staff to attend training
* SARS refunds
and more.

Each video a short explanation with links to articles, documents, and templates to use in the course of implementors dailyy duties.

The videos are available for 12 months and annually updated with the latest information and changes in the education environment of South Africa. The series has been priced very reasonably so that even the smallest company could afford it.

SPECIAL NOTE: These videos will also be available on our specially developed AkukhanYa app on the Google Play platform.

A coaching & mentoring service is also available to clients to assist them in their first year of implementation and continuous management after the first year.