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Karabo-inc - The answer in ink

AkukhanYa is busy compiling a database of all educational initiatives in Southern Africa. It is a mammoth task and will keep us busy for a couple more months. We keep on fielding questions about all kinds of training from HR Managers and sometimes it is really difficult to find an answer for them. We refer them where we can, but we would love to have a place where all educational initiatives in the country are available in ONE place.

Karabo means Answer

The website and information are currently in development and been populated.

Watch this space for more information.
Below are some details about Karabo-inc

Planting educational seeds

We chose the sunflower as our logo because we should all be like the sunflower - always turning our face to the light - the light of education.  (It also is a reference back to the meaning of AkukhanYa - the umbrella company - which means light .)

Up to 1,000 seeds can be produced from one sunflower head . Some may produce more or less, depending on the specific sunflower.

Every time a learner finds an educational resource, a new seed is planted in his or her mind. 

Karabo's vision:  Bringing all educational  players together to work towards ONE goal, namely promoting good, solid, quality education.

Karabo-inc will become a search "engine" website for education. (It is currently in development


There is a need for HRD practitioners: We constantly get HRD practitioners asking us, ‘"Where can I find a *specific training* provider?" Or "How does a learnership work?" Or "Can AkukhanYa do *such and such* for us? They need a place where they can search for anything regarding training in an easy quick way.

There is a need for providers of education to be able to market themselves in a cost-effective way. A Google for education in South Africa if you wish. Not just learnerships and qualifications, or accredited programmes, but resources, practitioners, information, and more.

There is a need for individuals: We need to find a piano teacher or a tutor, where do we start to find someone like that? Someone that we can trust our children with.

There is a need for training practitioners: Do we need a venue that can cater to so many participants or in such and such a way? Where do I find this in Durban if I am coming from Cape Town?

It will take time to populate and also advertise this website, but we have the time; because we have the passion.

Meaning of Karabo
There are two translations offered - seed or answer!

The vision is to " Grow ( seed) education access ( answer)".

Karabo-inc is an answer to a problem or the seed in education 🌻🌞

what does "inc" in Karabo-inc stand for?

Why did you call it Karabo-inc and not just Karabo? Would it not have been easier to just say Karabo?

The "inc" is a fun play on words.

Karabo is a registered PTY - therefore "inc" for incorporated - AND - it is about education; therefore "ink" like in a writing tool.