COMMUNITY initiatives

AkukhanYa and Out of the Box are involved in a number of community outreach initiatives. This campaign will provide us with the means to continue with these initiatives. 

ONE WAY - The "Make Them Smile" Project is about... helping a number of families that are really struggling to have a great Christmas, with food parcels and toys for the kids in December 2021. We will be offering them a "Christmas Party", where they will find their dignity again.

ANOTHER WAY - The "Stationery" Project is about... supporting school-going kids, as well as unemployed learners & students with stationery packs. The stationery bags for these packs are made by one of the entrepreneurs at our Germiston centre and printing is done by another entrepreneur at the centre.

WE ALSO have a "Feeding Scheme" Project... where we provide food parcels to unemployed & vulnerable families  - especially the elderly, the sick and the young. This is NOT a free hand-out scheme, as that does not restore dignity, or self-respect or hope, but a project where someone in the family does one-day volunteer work at either the Out of the Box | AkukhanYa Skills Centres or in the local community and their "payment" is a food parcel for the week. We build a relationship with these families so that we can also support them with referrals to the clinic or welfare or counselling if they need it. We work through local organisations to ensure that the people most in need are the ones who receive our assistance. Some of these families include unemployed youth on our training programmes at the centres.

WE have ALSO partnered with the local SPCA in Germiston... through financial support and encourage our learners to volunteer for community work at the shelter.

Urban Ruines is ANOTHER partnership we have formed... by supporting their community creche x 2, aftercare programme for school-going children, as well as their youth support programme. They are based in Boksburg and also support the families of the schools' children with weekly food parcels - to ALL races.

ANOTHER "Feeding Scheme" Project... we support is an outreach in Boksburg | Brakpan through a local community church.

FINALLY, our "Take Care" Project... is an awareness-raising initiative in the local communities where we not only donate a mask (made by one of our small entrepreneurs) for every ticket we sell in the KhuYa Campaign, along with information about Covid, debunking the false information doing the rounds. Unemployed youth are trained and paid for implementing this initiative.

You can read more about the "Make Them Smile"Project HERE
You can also read about some of the families we work with and their stories here.

* Full disclosure:
We believe charity begins at home, so a number of these families are related to our learners and staff. Not their own, but related or live near them. It is people we know and care about.

*Families being supported through registered welfare organisations. There are a number of welfare organisations we have worked with over the years and this has been a hard year for them in a number of ways. Income and donations had dropped dramatically and need have risen dramatically. One of the organisations have 12 white families they battle to get sponsorship for, another organisation assists with food parcels to hundreds of families in the informal settlements. The need is great, the resources are limited. That is why a percentage of every ticket is being donated to these various charities.

Full disclosure will be made of each charity, their legal status, and the amounts donated to them at the end of each cycle of the campaign.

Each ticket we sell means we can offer even more assistance in a responsible way.

You can read more about the various welfare organisations  HERE