"Make Them Smile" Project/s


Christmas Party

This will happen in TWO ways:

  1. EAST RAND: A Christmas Party for carefully selected and invited families at the Germiston centre on Saturday 11 December 2021. At this party we will not only provide the families with lunch and some Christmas cheer, but also food parcels & toys for the children.

  1. WEST RAND: We will donate money to a charity that host a major food parcel, clothes and toys drive for families in Krugersdorp West for the last couple of years just before the 25th of December.

IMPORTANT RIDER: The number of families who can be helped will be in direct relation to the amount of campaign tickets we have sold in 2021. As a percentage (20%) of the ticket price goes towards our community outreach projects.



If all goes according to plan, schools will re-open in January in 2022. The week before the schools open we will present pre-selected children from the communities in the East & West Rand with a school bag filled with the necessary stationery supplies they need.

We will also provide some students who are going to university with a bag and stationery. Again, these are students pre-selected as having real financial difficulty, not students who have bursaries or other forms of income to support them.

IMPORTANT RIDER: The number of children and students who can be helped will be in direct relation to the amount of ca\mpaign tickets we have sold in 2021. As a percentage (20%) of the ticket price goes towards our community outreach projects.

We are also getting donations for stationery and the more donations we get, the more children and students can be made to smile.

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    Our hope & dream is that families who expect to have a bleak Christmas Day will have something to look forward to. That they will be able to have a special meal and that each child will have a toy under the "tree" when they wake up. Even if it is something small.
    In fact, they will each receive TWO presents:
    1. A toy and sweetie
    2. Something practical like a shirt or shorts or hair assessories. ("Pillowcase" dresses for the girls / shirts for the boys will be made by one of the sewing teams at Out of the Box)

    The number one question we get is:
    "How can you have a party on the 11th of December if the campaign closes at the end of November 2021?"

    A percentage of every ticket will be used for our community project and the full amount we have in the bank by the 11th will be used for this party. Even if we can only help 5 families, that is at least 20 people that will have a great Christmas Day. We work on making this celebration a HUGE initiative through out the year.

    The second question we get is:
    "Will the food parcel and gifts not be eaten or opened by the 25th of December?"

    We have also anticipated this and therefore the families will have a Seasonal celebration put together for them by our learners on the 11th of December, but the gifts and food parcels will only be distributed to their homes on the 24th of December 2021.

    The third question we get is:
    "Why are you having the party on the 11th of December if you are only going to give parcels and presents on the 24th?"

    Our learners have to organise the whole party and also give it to the families as part of their practical experience. Most of our learners will return home for their own Christmas family gatherings by the 15th of December and they asked if we could have the party earlier. Our learners are expected to give back to their communities for the gift of training they have received. This is one of those moments for them. To serve and give others joy, without getting anything in return.
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    WEST RAND party

    We will donate money to an organisation that hosts a Christmas outreach to the Krugersdorp West every year around the 25th of December. They provide lunch, as well as food parcels, clothes, and toys to the people from the community in Krugersdorp West. It is a mutli-cultural party for all races in the area. They work closely with local schools and welfare organisations to identify the families who are most in most need in the community.

    Why are we not hosting our own initiative in the West Rand?
    There are a number of reasons:

    1. Why reinvent the wheel if we can work with a well established, trustworthy, and reputable organisations in the West Rand that deliver our vision as well.

    2. Although we have a training centre in both the East & West Rand, we only have learnership learners in the East Rand. We want to service both communities, but we do not have the manpower to organise a party in both areas.

    3. Our learners are doing this as part of their community service assignment for their learnership and can only cope with organising and putting together a party in the East Rand.

    4. We cannot identify the families in the West Rand the way we do in the East Rand.

    5. We do not have the capacity to deliver food and presents on the 24th of December in both areas.

    6. We want this to be open to anybody, not only black families in squatter camps, this way we can ensure that we do not discriminate against any race, be it African, Western, Coloured or Indian.

    Again, the amount we will be able to donate will be dependent on how many campaign tickets we have sold through 2021.

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    The sweepstake competition closes on the 31st of November 2021 - ticket sales will determine how many stationery packs and school bags we will be able to donate to children & students who can really do with a smile before school starts in January 2022. It will mean hard work to get them packed and ready for distribution, but our learners are in charge of this activity too, under the supervision of the AkukhanYa Management team.

    We have received a promise for a lot stationery donations and we are constantly working on getting even more. Money from the community outreach percentage will be used to make the school bags - these are made by one of the entrepreneurs at Out of the Box.

    The bigger the community outreach pot, the more children will smile. That is totally dependent on the number of tickets we sell. Once again we need your help with this.

    You could assist us with this by holding a stationery drive at your company and donating it to this part of our "Make Them Smile" project through out 2021?