TENACITY like this is worth supporting

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As the partnership between Out of the Box and AkukhanYa grew over the past couple of years, Out of the Box started dreaming of opening a second Skills Training Centre in Johannesburg. Out of the Box spend months looking for a suitable property and finally, in February 2020, they found one. A small centre where there was already a woodwork facility, an upholstery and sewing facility and a building perfect for their second centre.

It was a really run-down building. With a LOT of elbow grease, hard work, and tenacity they transformed the run-down into a beautiful, practical skills training centre. They opened a shop onsite for local artists and entrepreneurs, they organised the grand opening of this second centre and one day before the opening LOCK-DOWN happened. So much money and effort and time were put into this centre and then NOTHING.

This did not stop the amazing team of Out of the Box. In June 2020 they opened their doors and have already offered a number of training programmes since. Tenacity is something to be truly admired. A beautiful video was made of the new centre to showcase it. Extensive marketing has been done, but when you start with a lock-down backlog, you need some cash input to keep you going till things start "normalising" again in 2021-2022.

This campaign gives them the breathing space they need. Every ticket sold is money towards that breathing space for them, with the added benefit that you will get an 18A certificate | letter from them. Meaning you can claim it back from the taxman & your B-BBEE scorecard.