WHY "OUT OF THE BOX" - Germiston

Why Out of the Box Germiston needs your help

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Out of the Box Skills Training Centre started in Germiston over 20 years ago. They have survived many ups and downs and stood strong. There are HUNDREDS of small entrepreneurs that exists because of the work done by them.

AkukhanYa joined hands with Out of the Box in 2016. The synergy between us has been amazing. Out of the Box offers skills training and AkukhanYa offers the academic business skills entrepreneurs need to make a success of their businesses. The unemployed learners doing a learnership with AkukhanYa also receive skills training from Out of the Box to give the learners the opportunity to start their own business if they cannot find a job.

Out of the Box is a legend in the local communities of Germiston. The unemployed learners for the AkukhanYa learnerships are sourced through this fantastic reputation of Out of the Box in the local communities of Ekurhuleni.

There were 121 informal settlements in the Germiston area a couple of years ago, we think there are less now because these settlements had grown so much that they are now connected to each other in one big sprawl of unemployed people who needs dignity, hope and respect restored to them. The area of informal settlements (squatter camps) and number of people have doubled and tripled over the past years. Germiston is a haven for the homeless, jobless and seekers of a better life.

Lockdown has been a disaster for Out of the Box and this campaign is one way of helping them get back on their feet.

AkukhanYa manages the Germiston centre for Out of the Box since they have opened their second centre in Albertskroon Johannesburg (Randburg) in march 2020. Although we have painted and fixed the facility there is still so much that can be done, like a better kitchen to teach cooking and baking skills in, or a bigger and better library, or more support for the small skills hubs operating from this centre.

There is an opportunity to expand the facilities with a community computer centre, but as an NGO, we are dependent on funding and support from the local community and businesses.

This campaign is one way of supporting our centre, without asking for a hand-out.

PLEASE support us. You will receive an 18A certificate | letter for every ticket you buy.

Yours truly.

Out of the Box Germiston