The KhuYa Campaign
An Overview

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If you want a quick overview instead of reading through all the sections below, we have added a video on the campaign's main page. It even has some background beat to it, to prevent you from becoming bored.

A shorted written overview

The campaign's main page has a shorter written overview than this page, so you can also go and have a look there. Time is precious and we do not want to waste yours. You can always come back to this page for more details.

You can skip this part and scroll down for the shorter story version if you like.

Sharing our story is one way to show how much we careabout our entrepreneurs, skills trainers, associates, and communities.

Our entrepreneurs: They have started as learners on skills training programmes at Out of the Box and from there grew into small entrepreneurs. They have been part of the Out of the Box & AkukhanYa family for YEARS. They do not only employ other unemployed but act as skills trainers to our current learnership learners. The Covid pandemic hit them hard and some of them had not had income for months. Still, they do not give up hope and keep on hustling to bring in work or create opportunities for themselves and those they employ. These small entrepreneurs are a true inspiration of resilience and a never say die attitude. This campaign had these entrepreneurs at heart when it was launched. Every ticket sold will contribute income to them, as most of the prizes are made by them.

Out of the Box Skills Training Centres: Out of the Box is one of the most ethical organisations we have ever met. If they receive a donation, it goes straight to the communities. If they receive funding, it is used to upskill the unemployed. They have opened a shop to display and sell entrepreneurs' goodies and take no income from any sales. They promote the entrepreneurs and truly care about them. They have given AkukhanYa a foot in the door in Germiston, Ekurhuleni, without expecting anything in return. Out of the Box opened a second centre in Johannesburg and a week later the 1st lockdown was announced. Despite them not being able to generate any income through skills training programmes, Out of the Box has managed to keep its doors open and keep going. The management team and board of directors are alsways finding new creative ways to stay afloat. Two-fifths of the ticket price will support the centres in Germiston and Albertskroon, helping them to get back on their feet, this includes being able to pay skills trainers for training, and upgrading the facilites to offer more services to the local unemployed and communities.

Associates: We have a number of associates we work with regularly in the AkukhanYa @A family. This includes private training providers, coaches & mentors, service providers, not-for-profit organisations, and welfare schemes supporting the unemployed in our communities. A number of our schemes had to be stopped, this includes school supplies, school shoes, feeding schemes, counseling, supporting the organisations we have worked with and supported in the past. We assist both human and animal organisations, as well as people from all races. One-fifth of the ticket price will go to supporting these organisations, a portion of the prize money will also go towards paying providers for training programmes as prizes.

AkukhanYa @A Group: Every staff member of AkukhanYa has stayed committed to our vision of "Education = Dignity + Respect + Hope" throughout the difficult times we have been through. The learners we work with are mostly unemployed and do not have access to data and technology. Online learning was not a possibility for them during lockdown and between the lockdowns, the staff and learners have kept on giving 100% of their time and dedication to training. 90% of our current staff started as learners at AkukhanYa, became interns, finally full staff members, and ultimately owners & managers in AkukhanYa. Despite huge cuts in salaries and some months no salary, they have not missed a day of work or 100% commitment to our vision. One-fifth of the ticket price will go towards rewarding them for their unselfish service and commitment, as well as growing the organisation to become a stronger version of its current self.

Ticket holders: We are not launching a competition or sweepstake or lottery, as every single ticket buyer will be able to claim back the cost of the ticket in one way or another. We are not begging for a hand-out, we are not asking for a freebie, but offering a campaign where everyone is a winner.

  • Individuals who buy a ticket can claim the cost back from their TAX return

  • Businesses who buy tickets can also claim the cost back from TAX returns, as well as score B-BBEE points in TWO of the B-BBEE scorecard areas, area 4 + 5, which totals to 45% of the scorecard.

  • Every ticket holder has the chance to win monthly prizes and be in the final December draw for a car or bakkie or any other vehicle of choice or pay off their current vehicle financing to the value of R150,000.00. That is one for individuals and one for businesses = 2 x R150,000.00 = R300,000.00 in total.

  • The number of tickets is limited every month this campaign runs, with a definite split between individuals and businesses, as an individual will most probably buy fewer tickets at a time than a business, therefore we want to ensure the chance of winning a prize is proportionally fair. There are therefore separate prizes for individuals and businesses to be won on a monthly basis. (As we get more and more donations, we will be able to increase the number of prizes from month to month.)

You can also show that you care, by sharing this campaign with your friends, families, colleagues, HRD | B-BBEE managers, and on your social media. Join us on our social media for additional surprise prizes and new information.


WHAT is the KhuYa Campaign?  ...

This campaign is a way to support not only our own training company (AkukhanYa) but also our Not for Profit partner's two skills centres in Germiston & Albertskroon (Out of the Box), as well as the numerous entrepreneurs & skills trainers we work with. The campaign also supports local welfare organisations (human & animal), as well as our local communities and especially children with school supplies. Businesses score B-BBEE points and individuals can deduct the cost of the tickets from their annual tax.

The campaign will run over 9 monthly cycles and each month 3000 tickets will be up for grabs. (March to November 2021)

The tickets are R250.00 each and every month there will a LOT of prizes that can be won. ALL prizes are either made by local entrepreneurs or produced in Mzanzi. It is a proudly South Africa campaign. there is also a RANGE of prizes in each price bracket and the winner can CHOOSE their prize of choice.

The final draw will be in December 2021 with a BIG PRIZE of the winner's choice of either a car or a bakkie to the value of R300,000.00. All ticket holders will go into the draw for the final prize. There is a separate car for individual ticket holders and a separate car for businesses to make it fair for everyone. Each to the value of R150,000.00.

Who will benefit from the Campaign?


  • 4 x Not-for-profit Organisations

  • A NUMBER of small entrepreneurs

  • Our local communities (especially unemployed youth & school children)

  • Unemployed Youth

  • School going Children

  • A NUMBER of Private Training Providers

  • Businesses who wish to up their B-BBEE Scorecard in Areas 4 & 5 (45% of the scorecard)

  • Individuals who can claim back the price of the tickets from tax

  • Businesses and Individuals who can win amazing prizes

  • Awareness-raising of Proudly South African products

What is the Campaign about?

It is a crowdsourcing fundraiser.

You can also call it a sweepstake... or a competition... or a raffle...

Whatever you are comfortable with.

The point is - it is not a handout or begging, it is a win-win for everyone.

The money raised through the sale of the tickets will not only support but strengthen and grow each one of the beneficiaries.

Ticket holders will know that they have made a difference in a small, but ethical and true way to fellow South Africans.

Hearts will be touched and self-respect restored.

How does the Campaign work?

We are NOT ASKING for money

we are selling tickets with amazing prizes on the line,

B-BBEE points to be scored TAX BENEFITS,

& great training programmes to be won!

Tickets can be bought online (except for the payment which still needs to be done by EFT at this time of the campaign) and prizes are delivered in your inbox (vouchers) or to your door. All dependent on your choice of the prize in the various categories.
The driving force behind this campaign is not one organisation, but a coming together of a group of organisations and entrepreneurs!!!


A B-BBEE Level 2 EME training company for unemployed and employed - young & old. We have five @A education divisions.


A Non-Profit Company with TWO Skill Training Centres teaching entrepreneurial skills to unemployed


Communities in the East Rand are supported through a number of initiatives, ranging from food packs to school shoes & stationery packs.

welfare - NPOs

We are supporting Urban Ruines, a church feeding scheme, and animal NPO (SPCA), as well as local welfare initiatives.

Entrepreneurs & South African products

This sweepstake is supporting a number of small entrepreneurs & South African products that will make a difference to the lives of the small entrepreneurs who are struggling to keep head above water. This will market their services, provide a constant flow of income over the next couple of months and bring them hope in a world going belly up for them. We are also supporting welfare organisations by buying products from them for the prizes and showcasing unique South African products. every prize will benefit either a South African company, or product, home industry or entrepreneur.

The income from the ticket sales will be split FIVE ways to ensure that EVERYONE benefits.
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This is how the campaign income will be divided

Because we dare to dream

2020 was hard on  ALL of us . We have a dream that  we can make 2021 a better year for a lot of us.



Quick Links

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Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


The Prizes

The prizes are truly spectacular

230+ " a-ma-zing " prizes to be won monthly

in our 2021 "KhuYa Campaign"

Prizes can be won in every cycle of the campaign with the BIG prize of a car or a bakkie to be won in the final draw in December 2021.

New prizes are added monthly and there is a great variety to choose from so you win the prize of your choice, not the prize of our choice.

HOW can YOU be part of the campaign's success?

Check out the easy steps below!


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#1 - Buy a ticket

(or 10 or even a 100 if you are corporate)

They are only R250.00 a ticket and even ONE ticket is a solution.

What can one ticket do?

“... a grain of mustard seed, which is the smallest of all seeds on earth. Yet when planted, it grows and becomes the largest of all garden plants, with such big branches that the birds can perch in its shade."

[Mustard seeds are the small round seeds of various mustard plants. The seeds are usually about 1 to 2 millimetres (0.039 to 0.079 in) in diameter and may be coloured from yellowish white to black.

Full details on the "KhuYa Campaign" pages.

Here is the link for quick access.

#2 - Spread the word

Crowdsourcing is the best way to make a campaign a success. Each one of us has a network of friends, family, colleagues, social groups. 

You might not be in HR or dealing with the organisations B-BBEE, you might not even work in an organisation, but you can share this competition with r networks and spread the word as far and wide as possible. Maybe your company will be interested to support us through their Socio-Economic Development fund. (Major B-BBEE points for them.)

*The prizes alone make this an exciting competition for individuals & organisations alike!

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Odoo • Image and Text

#3 - follow us on social media

We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & even WhatsApp & Telegram for updates & chats.

Daily updates and information will be given. Promotions will be shared on a weekly basis - how you can double your entry without buying another ticket, or random Facebook & Twitter & WhatsApp friend draws, or just because we feel amazing about what we do.

WHAT are the prizes that can be won?




Rewards - Recognition - Benefits

#1 - Prizes for Individuals

We have a separate competition (prizes) for individuals; so that the person who bought one ticket does not compete in the draw with a company who may have bought 10 or more tickets.

Individuals have unique prizes that they can use at home and the businesses have unique prizes relevant to the business or manager or CEO. There is also a category where the prize winner can choose which prize they want out of a range of options.

And then, of course, there is the grand prize in December - one for individuals and one for a business worth R150,000.00 each.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

#2 - "Finish 2021/2022 STRONG" calendar

Every person or company that buys FOUR raffle tickets will receive a "Finish 2021/ 2022 Strong" calendar. Not just one calendar, but one for EVERY FOUR tickets bought.

The "Finish 2021/2022 Strong" calendar is not a monthly but 52-week calendar - clearly marked with South African holidays& motivational quotes. It is a dry erase surface calendar (with whiteboard pens) that can be used for short and long term planning.

Austin Kleon wrote a brilliant book called "Steal like an artist". We took his advice and "stole" the calendar idea from Jon Acuff and adapted it to the South African environment.

The calendar will be shipped to the ticket holders in September 2021 - just in time for planning & goal setting for the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022.

#3 - Prizes for companies

There are special prizes for companies on top of the general prizes that everyone is eligible for. 

Companies can also win AET training contracts, Learnership training contracts, Computer training contracts & Essential Skills training contracts. Then we are launching our HRD-SDF-B-BBEE online training programme in April 2021 and there are a number of these programmes available to businesses.

(*That does not even include the amazing B-BBEE points that can be obtained under elements 4 & 5 of the B-BBEE Scorecard! These 2 areas on the scorecard makeup 45% of the total scorecard and is a great way to earn some bonus points.)   *Supporting an EME (Level 2 company) + Non Profit (18A Certificate) + Community Outreach. 

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Odoo • Image and Text

#4 - Community Prize

Prizes for communities?

YES! a 1/5th of every ticket goes towards:

* supporting local welfare organisations in the East & West Rands (they support ANY family that needs special assistance over these tough times)

* plus we have identified a number of families that have NOTHING and no hope at the end of every month. They will be hosted to a very special "Make Them Smile" lunch and go home with food parcels and toys or stationery for the kids in the family. Every child needs a special end of the month day!

* we will be providing school supplies packets (and bags made by one of our entrepreneurs) for the children of the families identified as part of our "Make Them Smile" project.

* these are not freebies but restoring self-respect schemes where the recipients of either a food parcel or school parcel or shoes or lunch will provide a service to the centre or community in exchange for their parcel.

#5 - MASKS for the community

We are donating a mask & safety information brochure to a local community member for every ticket sold. If we reach our goal of 3 000 tickets sold in every cycle, that means distributing 3 000 masks in the informal settlements (black & white settlements in the West & East Rand of Gauteng) with a motivation pamphlet in English, Afrikaans, Zulu & Xhosa why it is crucial for all to maintain safety measures for the foreseeable future. Over the duration of the campaign, we will distribute 27 000 masks to the most vulnerable in our communities.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

#6 - prize for the most Tickets sales

Our learners, staff & partners are all selling tickets and we promised the individual & the group who sell the most tickets will be treated to a very special braai at Noag's Market in Pomona, Kempton Park.

#7 - Hall of Fame

Every individual who buys a ticket will go onto our Hall of Fame.

Every company who buys a ticket (or 10) will go onto our Hall of Fame.

Everyone will receive a Hall of Fame Certificate via email.

Every person | company who requests it will also receive a Tax deductable letter (18a), as well as a letter to state that they supported an EME, NPO & Community Outreach Project for the full amount of the sales of the tickets.

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MARCH - December 2021

The campaign will run over 9monthly cycles in 2021.

  1. March 2021 - piloted the campaign and made sure all our systems are working.

  2. April 2021 - OFFICIAL LAUNCH to public & companies

  3. May 2021

  4. June 2021

  5. July 2021

  6. August 2021

  7. September 2021

  8. October 2021

  9. November 2021

The final GRAND draw for the BIG prize of a car or bakkie will take place on 15 December 2021.

The draw for each month will take place on the 1st day of the following month. IF the 1st falls over a weekend it will be the 1st Monday of the following month.

Winners will be notified on the 2nd of every month via Email, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook & Twitter.

Prizes will be completed as per each individual/company's preference and delivered within 14 to 21 days from the draw.

Why only 14 to 21 days AFTER the draw?

Each prize will be customized to the winners' personal preferences and we can only do this when the draw has taken place and we have communicated with all the winners. We don't want to send a Whisky Gift Pack to a Beer drinker for example.


        The campaign is managed by an auditing firm to ensure that there is no hanky panky with either the finances or the prize draws.

        Financials will be available for the campaign for anyone who requests it.

        Prize winners will be informed of their winnings via email or WhatsApp and the names of the winners will be made public on our website every month.

        We are using a separate bank account to manage all the funds for total transparency of all funds. (No merking the waters with paying the ticket price into the AkukhanYa @A bank account.)

        FOOTNOTE: KARABO IS A DIVISIONS OF AKUKHANYA @A GROUP. We are using Karabo - TRADING AS KHYA CAMPAIGN - with its own bank account to manage the campaign so that it is totally separate from AkukhanYa AND Out of the Box business accounts. The KhuYa Campaign account will be audited as we wrap up the campaign every month for full transparency. Anybody who purchased a ticket may request access to the full financials to confirm no hanky-panky took place with the money.  We cannot be transparent enough with all the scams & corruption happening in the country at present.