CAMPAIGN rules (T's&C's)

            The rules of the KhuYa Campaign are as follows:

              * MOST IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT: You must complete the entry information form here (individuals) or here (companies) or we cannot supply you with an 18A Certificate or Letter with all the details needed for your B-BBEE Scorecard.

              The competition runs from 1 March 2021 - 15 December 2021!

              Please take note of these important rules:
              * No prize can be exchanged for cash.
              * The decision of the auditing firm handling the draw is final.
              * No prizes will be couriered outside of the South African borders, but a friend or family member within South Africa's borders can be nominated to receive a winner's prize.
              * All winners will be notified of their prize/s on the 2nd of the month following the previous month's cycle - unless it falls on a weekend or public holiday and then it will happen on the 1st Tuesday of the month.

               NB: Calendars will be couriered in September 2021 for all the ticket holders who bought 4 tickets up till the end of August 2021. Thereafter we will send out the calendars every last Friday of the month for tickets bought the previous month.

               Prizes will be completed as per each individual/company's preference and delivered within 14 - 21 days after each month's draw. 

              * Winners will be notified via email, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook.  Winners will also be announced on our website every month.
              * Only winners will be notified, there will be no communication with ticket holders who did not win a prize.
              * The competition is open to ANYBODY.
              * Complete the form here and email it to us here with proof of payment and your electronic ticket/s will be emailed to you within 24-hours of payment reflecting in the Karabo-inc bank account.
              * Your ticket is your proof of payment but does not have to be shown for acceptance of your prize, as your numbers will automatically go into the draw. It does act as proof for any tax deductions you wish to make, or B-BBEE points during your annual B-BBEE audit.
              * All queries can be addressed by emailing us at or contact us at +27-84-881-0181.

              * All the tickets from the year will go into two draws, no matter if the ticket holder has been a winner for one of the monthly prizes r not.
              * There will be one winner for individual ticket holders and one winner for business ticket holders.
              * The value of each draw is R150,000.00 - the winnings WILL NOT be paid out in cash, but the winner may choose to pay off an existing vehicle financing loan. The campaign auditor will pay the money into the vehicle loan after all the appropriate documentation has been provided.
              * The winner may also choose to use the winnings as a deposit on a more expensive vehicle - again the money will be paid over by the campaign auditor to the relevant car dealer on presentation of the appropriate documentation.
              * A winner may decide on any vehicle to the value of the winnings, be it a new vehicle or a secondhand vehicle and the payment will be done directly to the dealership of choice by the campaign auditor.
              * A winner may choose any vehicle they wish to the value of the prize, be it a caravan, a motorbike, or even a food truck. The sale has to be done through a registered dealer for it to be valid and the campaign auditor will handle the payment on presentation of the appropriate documentation.
              * The sale must be concluded by 31 January 2022.
              * The dealership will deal with all the legal ownership paperwork, as well as registration of the vehicle and licensing of the vehicle.
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