SWEEPSTAKE ticket sellers

Who is selling the tickets?
Anybody who wishes to sell tickets is welcome too.

Let us know you want to be a ticket seller and we will provide you with an unique code.

When somebody buys a ticket/s and uses that code on the form, you will receive a 6% commission.  That is R15 of the ticket price .

Why are we giving a commission on sales?

Our unemployed learners and a number of welfare organisations are in partnership with us, so this is also a form of fundraising for themselves.

As this will only work as a crowdsourcing project, we don't want to "use" people to spread the word, we want to award people for spreading the word.

How do you get your unique code?

Email us at khuya@akukhanya.co.za
Let us know you want to assist us in this fundraising initiative and we will add your name to the current database, and send you all the information you need to become a marketer of this initiative.

That includes the marketing email, Facebook  & WhatsApp marketing info.

Can you spread the word without being a "seller"?

Yes, definitely! You don't have to sell on our behalf, but we will be extremely grateful for your marketing on our behalf or spreading the word, or sharing this initiative with the company you work at. Crowdsourcing means getting the message to as many people as possible. We will be extremely thankful for your assistance in making this initiative a HUGE success. The more tickets we sell, the more people we can assist and the more prizes we will add to be won.

Be a supporter & a connector


You are a  HERO to us when you support us by buying a ticket.


You are a SUPERHERO to us when you help us  spread  the word about this campaign. We really need you!

You are a  connector  for us to YOUR friends, family, colleagues, social media or clubs. You can tell your HR department about this and spread the message. You can ask your family and friend to also spread the message. Crowdsourcing at its optimal.

Go to our Social Media pages:  Share the message on your Facebook page, or Twitter or Instagram. 

Email us  to ask us to send you the information email so you can share it with your company or companies you know. khuya@akukhanya.co.za