We know that everyone has a personal passion. Some people prefer to assist animal welfare organisations, some people prefer children's homes, some want to make sure that ALL people in South African get help.  People feel strongly about welfare and we totally appreciate it. We are educational organisations, and that determines to a great degree who we work with. We also work closely with local communities as this is where our learners are situated and local organisations which we encourage our learners to volunteer as part of their community service.

These organisations have been hit hard with the fallout from the Covid pandemic, that is why we are including them in the KhuYa Campaign. Any way we can assist them as a thank you for the support and partnering they have done over the years to support our learners is the least we can do.

Besides these organisations there are also initiatives we feel strongly about, such as assisting the unemployed youth we work with food parcels etc.

We have two centres. One in the East Rand and one in the West Rand, so is where we will focus our support of the local communities.

We are in the people business: With a strong focus on youth and that is why we decided to focus on initiatives that will benefit children, youth, and people at risk.

We have a history with some welfare organisations: These organisations will be our first go-to when we raise the funds we are trusting we will be able to raise with the KhuYa Campaign. Organisations that have assisted us with our learners in the past, like rape counselling, food parcels during lockdown, awareness campaigns that mentored our learners, mental health support, donations for families in need etc.

We believe that ALL people should have access to equal opportunities: Therefore we will not extend our assistance to only one area of need or one people in need, but try and spread it fairly across all the people of the communities we work in.

We believe that charity starts at home: Our first priority will be to make a success of our "Make Them Smile" Project initiatives, as well as supporting the welfare (not-for-profit) organisations we work with.

A fifth of all ticket sales will be earmarked specifically for the following welfare organisations:

1. Urban Ruins - They are a free and safe Child Care Centre. Their programs aim to protect the rights of children to develop to their full cognitive, emotional, social, and physical potential. They have two centres in Boksburg, with various support programmes not only for the children but for the whole family. We also work with them in sourcing the right learners for our learnerships through their W@W programme. (More about that here.) Urban Ruins work with people from all races in their programmes.
2. SPCA - We have adopted both our workplace doggies from them. This is an organisation that works against huge odds and still maintain the most professional, friendly, supportive service imaginable. We are proud to partner with them on this Campaign.
3. Ground Zero Church in Boksburg | Brakpan - this church does wonderful outreach work in their community and we will be supporting them in their community feeding scheme.
4. A church (Ritmia Gemeente) in Krugersdorp | Roodepoort that has a wonderful outreach and feeding scheme in their local communities.

5. We will be managing a feeding project (food parcels, as well as hot meals for the volunteers), the school supplies project, sanitary pads project, school shoe project, mask & health awareness project, and December big party from the AkukhanYa centre. We are working with unemployed youth to assist with the packing of the hampers, managing the distribution etc. under the strict control of the AkukhanYa management tea.

6. We are also working with local welfare organisations, the local clinic and other institutions on a more ad-hoc basis. We will give a full report at the end of every month.

We would rather underpromise and overdeliver: We are not making any promises to any of the welfare organisations we have partnered with, we are sharing the possibilities and when we hit target or overshoot on our target, we will bless them with more than expected. They will be able to plan on the minimum we have committed to every month.


What we do promise you is that we only work with organisations that are above approach and that we are ensuring that we donate or invest in organisations that are transparent in their dealings.


We will also email every ticket holder a monthly financial statement and publish the final report showing how every cent was utilised or donated at the end of this campaign. It will be a fully audited report by a reputable financial firm. (We are finalising the contract with an external auditing firm to ensure total transparency.)

The report will also disclose every organisation we have worked with and donated money to, including the families & learners we have supported with our "Make Them Smile" Project.

If you have any questions or concerns - please contacts us at khuya@akukhanya.co.za or 084 881 0181