Fu-Za @A
Qualifications, Learnerships & Skills

Meaning of FU-Za @A

The name Fu-Za did not really start as something with a meaning. It was a great-sounding name and fitted the culture of African dance and chanting. However, it seems that the name chose us, not the other way round. As the students quickly informed us it stands for:

Future South Africa (ZA)

How befitting, as this is the vision of Fu-Za's training programmes - a better future for South Africa, by educating and empowering current and future generations.

The @A shows that it is a division AT AkukhanYa - @A. 

# (In Sesotho iFuza means = Inherited)

Why a paper plane in the logo

The Fu-Za division started and took off within a kilometer or two from the Rand Airport. It is also befitting of the enrichment programme we build all our learnerships and skills programmes around - Ali's Travels.

Mostly, we wish our learners to TAKE OFF and find their wings.

We wish them to fly HIGH and take South Africa with them to new heights and success. We are investing in the FUTURE of SOUTH AFRICA. Each learner will also empower the next generation. The INfinite mindset at work.

Essential Skills Informative Video SERIES

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It seems that most things at AkukhanYa grow out of something else.  While training on the learnerships we realised that there is a lot of foundational and essentials skills that our learners have very little or NO knowledge of. When they did have the knowledge, they did not have the understanding to put it into practice - knowledge without value and skill is not worth much

First, we developed these skills training sessions for the learners and then we realised that there are many more people who can benefit from these sessions. The freelance facilitators training the qualifications often lack the knowledge themselves. They are brilliant at their topics, but cannot always incorporate the essentials skills the learners need to be able to become valuable employees or entrepreneurs.

So we developed an online course with sessions on the skills needed for not only life but the workforce. These are not accredited programmes, as they are short courses with videos, notes & links to books, YouTube videos, podcasts, and experts on these topics. There is a personal assignment for each session that the learners need to complete for their practical portfolio. (Or if it is not one of our learnership learners - for self-development.)
Video Series Topics include:
* What is a vision & vision statement?
* What is a mission & mission statement?
* The 6 Magic Questions in life - Who, What, Why, When, Where, How (Which)
* Mind Maps - referring back to the 6 Magic Questions
* SMART goals
* Planning - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually
* Personality Profile - The 4 Temperaments - Enneagram - DISC - Meyers Briggs
* Generations - how they deal with the workplace
* Diversity in the Workplace
* Emotional Intelligence
* Technology - not computer training, but how to use the internet, podcasts, blogs, etc.
* Presentation Skills
* Creative Thinking Skills (Creative Intelligence - Left Brain; Right Brain)
* Team Work (Patrick Lecioni: )
* Time Management
* Conflict Management
* Social Media | Permission Marketing (Seth Godin - ALL his books + daily blog)
* Introvert vs Extroverts and the workplace (Susan Cain's Book: ;
* Grit (Angela Duckworth's Book: ; Anders Ericsson, Robert Pool: )

* Diversity
* Successful Meetings (Online & Face-to-Face)
* Business Ethics
* Values & Norms - My Why? (Job vs Responsibility - Skills vs Values)
* Journal Keeping - Thankfulness & Mindfulness (Eckhart Tolle: & Gilan Gork. Oliver Saks: )
* The workings of the Brain
* Health issues - sleep, diet, exercise
* LEADERSHIP - Dave Ramsey's Book:
* LEADERSHIP - Simon Sinek's Books: ; ; ;
* LEADERSHIP - Adam Grant's Books: ;
* LEADERSHIP - Adam Grant's Books: ; ; ; (with Sheryl Sandberg)
* LEADERSHIP - Brene Brown's Books: ; ;
* LEADERSHIP - Books & Podcasts recommended for personal development as a leader in the workplace and world.

More videos are continuously added as issues are identified, as well as suggestions on more books on topics related to leadership in the workplace. 

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Practical Skills workshops

Out of the Box Skills Training Centre has been offering skills workshops and training programmes for more than 20 years. Almost all the current skills facilitators started as learners at Out of the Box and became small entrepreneurs in their own right. There are dozens of small entrepreneurs who started as skills workshop learners in the community around the Out of the Box | AkukhanYa Hub

Out of the Box teaches skills to people who want to better their lives and build a future for their children. The skills are practical skills that enable them to operate a small business from home. In each course, the basics of running a business, doing basic bookkeeping, financial management and sales and marketing are interwoven in the course.

Out of the Box offers skills courses to all who would like to learn a skill. Most of the learners come from the 112 squatter camps surrounding Germiston. When they graduate, Out of the Box assists in setting up a small business from home so that they are at home for the family, thus keeping their children off the streets, away from crime, drugs, and gangs. Now also offering these workshops in Albertskroon, Johannesburg.

What workshops are we offering?

* Beading and Jewelry Making
* Business Admin (SETA Accredited)
* Computer Literacy (SETA Accredited)
* Financial Management
* Knitting
* Screen-printing
* Sales and Marketing
* Sewing
* Shoe Making
* Woodwork
* Upholstery
* Wire Work

What are we planning on introducing?

* Gardening
* Flower growing
* Recycling
* Fitness Bootcamps
* Karate Classes
* Sports
* Library
* Cooking & Baking
* Arts & Crafts
* Music - Choir
* Donation Charity Shop
* Entrepreneurship Incubation
* Computer Centre - 24/7/312  

Qualifications on offer

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The qualifications we offer are the same as the learnerships below.

Although we can offer these qualifications to the youth around the AkukhanYa Hub - 112 informal settlements in the area - most of the learners do not have the funds to pay for the training. We are setting up a bursary fund so that we can offer the training to more than just those on the sponsored learnerships. We are hoping that we will be able to offer the training via our online platform and through the computer centre we are planning to set up with the funds generated from the KhuYa Campaign. That will bring the data cost down to almost zero for the learners and we will be able to offer the training at a much-reduced price to these learners. VISIT the KhuYa Campaign for details on this crowdsourcing fundraiser.

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Learnerships on Offer

Download the excellent brochure explaining everything "Learnerships"  as developed by our partner " Performance Development Group" HERE.

Learnerships on Offer

We offer both onsite & offsite options for learnerships.

Onsite will be handled by our partner Performance Development Group and all offsite training will be handled by AkukhanYa's Fu-Za @A division.
Onsite learnerships will not include the additional computer training we offer at the AkukhanYa Training Hub, nor the practical skills workshops.

We would love to have the same learner for at least three consecutive years. Research has shown that intrinsic change only happens from year two and that it takes at least three years for learners to take ownership of their own lives. Although this is a problem as the DoE calls this "career" learnership learners, and they want a learner to only complete one learnership. In our opinion, this is not the wisest way to change the life of unemployed youth. Change cannot happen overnight and 12 years of inferior schooling cannot be erased in a couple of days, weeks, or months.

We have build a whole bunch of additional training into our learnerships. Most of the candidates we place on a learnership have a Matric - with NO English and barely passed Mathematical Literacy. They have no study skills, no computer or technology skills, very limited vocabulary, and very limited cognitive skills. They come from a background of spoonfeeding and saying YES Mam and NO Sir. These skills need to be acquired first before the learners can be expected to handle the academic modules of the learnership.

We also believe that the learners must give back in gratitude for everything they receive in a learnership. They have to experience giving and not only receiving, therefore they are required to do either community service or volunteer at one of the local welfare organisations - WEEKLY - with a log kept and signed by the organisation.

As the majority of candidates on a learnership (90+%) are not employed after their learnership has been completed, we expose them monthly to a different practical skill workshop. This is so that they are motivated to consider starting their own small business at the end of the learnership, and take responsibility for their own income. ANOTHER reason why we would love to have the learners for three consecutive years. That mean we can really walk a road of mentoring, coaching & entrepreneur incubation with them before they are totally left on their own. 

Learnerships offered

  • Business Administration Services NQF 2

  • Business Administration Services NQF 3

  • Business Administration Services NQF 4

  • New Venture Creation NQF 4

  • Generic Management NQF 4

  • Strategic Management NQF 5

  • Poultry Production NQF 3

  • Plant Production NQF 4

  • Animal Production NQF 5

We are currently in the process of obtaining accreditation on a number of QCTO occupational courses, such as cabinet making, so that the committed and talented in a specific practical skill will have the opportunity to continue their learning journey and become specialists in their field.

Our approach to the training

Each learnership follows the same schedule as below... (even if a learner has been with us for more than one year, as each year the 1st three months have more value and meaning to them.)

  • Orientation & Administration Session

  • 3-week personal development project - include joining their local library, daily gratitude exercise, starting with goals setting in the 7 areas of their lives, identifying the needs in their own community + working through EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey

  • 3-month bridging course consisting of:

    • English & Mathematical Literacy Training

    • Computer & Technology Training

    • Study Skills Programme

    • Career Readiness - Reading Skills | Personality Profile | SMART Goals | Time Management

  • 8 months programme consisting of:

    • Qualification modules

    • Workplace experience

    • Enrichment Programme

    • Community | Volunteer Programme

    • Continuous computer training

    • Practical Skills Workshop

  • 1 month Summative Assessment & final portfolios