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Every training programme, every initiative, every division within AkukhanYa has to pass the litmus test to our WHY. Our HOW is the implementation of our WHY and our WHAT is the actions to make our WHY cause a reality.


Training should be a passion. A learner should walk into the first training session one way and walk out in a different way. No learner should leave a training session feeling as if they were just another number, or obtained a lot of knowledge, but very little skill. The whole being of a learner should be involved in each training session, their mind, their hearts, and their hands-body. Some learners learn through vision, some through auditory, and some through tactile (movement). We cannot cater to one style of learning only. An introvert hates group work, an extrovert is not very fond of individual tasks. Certain learners learn best through self-study and certain face-to-face interactions, some like practical work and some like book knowledge, some are creative, and some are logical and systematic. Every human being is different and unique and that is why the current education system in the world seems to fail the majority of humans. It has been designed around a particular knowledge-based - test orientated method of learning.

While we certainly do not have the answer to all the above needs - who does - we work hard to accommodate all of the above in our training programmes - even our online courses. That is why we have different divisions within Akukhanya, to accommodate different styles and needs of learning. There is no one-size-fits-all approach in our training. That does mean that we are not a mass production company, but more of a niche market with a preference to train offsite at our own training hub - especially in the instance of learnerships. We like to take the road with our clients - a personal individual needs addressed journey.

Ali's Travels: An enrichment programme revolving around a Camel and his wife, called Ali & Bella Conquerre. They visit space, earth, continents, and countries. They involve the learners in a virtual tour of the world, with a passport, assignments, and exposure to music, art, culture, dance, governance, and more. Why a camel? Read more about the Ali's Travels @A initiative here.

iVictorY!: Ali & Bella live on the Isle of Victory and that is where the name for our AET & FLC training programmes came from. The learners learn the mantra "I am Victorious" very early in the training programmes, not matter if it is English, Mathematics, Life Orientation, Computers or Business Skills. If the learners do not take ownership of the training, it will become a duty to attend with some resentment underlying the experience. Learn more about our iVictorY! @A programmes here.

Fu-Za: Fu-Za stands for Future ZA (South Africa) and focuses on the education journey of unemployed youth. The Fu-Za programmes include learnerships, qualifications, essentials skills training, computer training & practical skills at the Akukhanya Training hub in Germiston. We have it online as well, but it does not have the full richness of face-to-face interaction on a daily basis as our offsite training has. Although it is still a brilliant programme that took a lot of work to build as much of the personal touch in as possible. Learn more about our Fu-Za @A programmes here.

AkukhanYa: We have developed a special information-training series for HRD, WSF, B-BBEE implementors, or managers and this falls under the AkukhanYa umbrella, as AkukhanYa is the legal entity under which all the different divisions fall. Learn more about this new and unique online programme we have just developed for our clients and all HRD managers here.

Karabo-inc: Karabo means "Answer" and this division is currently under development. It will be a go-to site for any questions related to education, with a special focus of being a resource for HRD, WSF & B-BBEE implementors and managers. You can learn more about our latest flagship project right here.


Contact us directly for any queries, or quotes on training. We would love to hear from you, even if it is only to hear suggestions from you on how we can improve our services and programmes.

Quick view of @A training programmes

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Enrichment content

Enrichment programme woven into all our trianing programmes.

Constantly being improved and added to.

A whole vidoe series is in the making to share with schools and other institutions.

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Adult Learning

Adult Education & Training

  • English

  • Afrikaans

  • Maths

  • Computers

  • Business Skills

  • Entreprenuer Skills

  • FLC - English

  • FLC - Maths

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Skills & learnerships

Qualifications, Learnerships & Skills

  • BAS NQF 2

  • BAS NQF 3

  • BAS NQF 4

  • GenMan QF 4

  • GenMan QF 5

  • NVC NQF 4

  • Poultry

  • Animal

  • Plant

  • Essential Life

  • Skills

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


We have developed and will continue to build on this video series answering common questions we have been posed by HRD-WSF-B-BBEE managers over the years.

It is augmented with a coaching & mentoring facet as well.

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Answers database

We are constantly been asked if we know of this or that kind of training options available. So we are building a database of training in the country. It is a gigantic task and will take a couple of months to complete. Watch this space for updates.