@A wISHLIST for education

We dream - BIG dreamS!

Plagiarising from Martin Luther King Jr - "We have a dream. We dream of a place where all people from Ekhurhuleni have access to the internet, technology, education & skills training. Where people from all races sit next to each other and help each other to learn, to find information, to grow and become a better version of themselves."

Our dream is not about academic qualifications, but about each person finding their own passion and dreams, learning the skills and knowledge to work towards obtaining those dreams and find their personal dignity. (self and other) respect, as well as hope for a better today and tomorrow for themselves and their children.

Those dreams might be an academic journey or an entrepreneurial journey, or being an excellent employee journey. It does not matter what the journey is, we want to equip each one of our learners on their personal journey of a better future. A happy future and a fulfilled future.

We are already on this road with our learners, but we can do so much more and reach so many more if we get help from others to upgrade, improve and expand our current resources. This would mean that we can continue to implement, innovate, make a difference and work towards fulfilling the big dreams we dream continuously. We have an INfinite mindset, a long-term dream. One we might never reach in the next 10-20-50 years, but one that gets us jumping out of bed every morning, that energise en invigorate us - through the ups and downs, the hard and the easier, the challenges and the obstacles.

We need resources at our centre and in our business to work towards reaching the dream. The resources are varied and yet simple.

A computer centre that is open at least 18 hours a day. A computer centre where unemployed and employed, school children and tertiary students, our learners and community members can access the internet for information, for online learning, for research and where they can print, bind and make projects to enhance their own learning journey. (See more details below)

A library that is open at least 18 hours a day. A place of discovery and exploration, a place where the love of reading is nurtured and children and students can safely sit and do homework after school hours and Saturdays. Where parents know that their children are in a safe, caring and supportive environment. (See more details below)

Repair, upgrade and improve our facilities. We had an electrical fire during the lockdown that repairs. We want to upgrade the facilities to have better technology in the training rooms, have more training rooms, provide a daycare facility for the learners who battle to find someone to look after their babies and small children when they attend training or work on assignments. We would love to buy a bakkie & trainer so we can pick up more donations and materials for our practical skills training programmes. (See more details below)

Expand our training offerings. We would love to provide MORE than the current accredited and skills programmes, more arts & crafts, more training on vegetable & flower gardens, more aftercare & school holiday enrichment programmes, more awareness-raising campaigns, more partnerships with counselors, career guidance workers, more TVET training, more practical real-life skills & knowledge offerings that empower more unemployed youth to become entrepreneurs with the back-up and support they need to become a success. (See more details below)


Every company that supports us either with finances, with knowledge support, with practical resource donations, or by buying a KhuYa Campaign Ticket , is supporting us under the Socio-Economic Development pillar (4) of the B-BBEE act.

You are actually not really supporting us - you are partnering with us to support people hungry to learn and make a difference in their own communities.

This is our wishlist for making our BIG dreams turn into reality quicker and faster.


We live in the time of the 4th industrial revolution - a time where technology has become central to our existence. Sadly the majority of youth in South Africa do not even know how to operate the most basic of computer interactions. We assume everyone has a smartphone and therefore access to the internet, information and can change their lives magically. However, South African data is one of the most expensive in the world. All this knowledge is available at their fingertips, but they do not have access to it ORknow how to access it.

Our biggest dream is the establishment of a computer centre that is operational six days a week for a minimum of 14 to 16 hours a day. Not just access to an "internet cafe", but also to printing, binding, production and support facilities. A place where anybody can have access to the internet at a ridiculously low cost, where students can do research, print information and get assistance in how to access information and how to present it in projects and assignments.

A centre where training happens all the time - not only "Microsoft" programme usage, but in technology and the internet. Where those hungry for learning can be shown how to access the millions of sites available with free information and free training resources.